Create, Express, Share


Stickerboards are your local creative workspaces. Save your creations and access them at any time. Export to a desired location including customized groups of other users, your photo library, etc. To delete a stickerboard, simply press and hold the thumbnail and tap the “x”.


Every object on a stickerboard operates in layers. Images, drawings, and text can be sized and rotated using a pinch zoom. Move an object to the back by pressing and holding down. Move an object to the front by double tapping it. To delete an object, drag it to the trash bin in the upper leftcorner.


“Stickers” are saved images that you can easily access and import to a stickerboard. The Sticker App comes preloaded with a library of basic stickers. You can also create your own custom stickers by using the Sticker export button on the slide out toolbar. For example, crop an image of your friend to use in a photo collage. Save a favorite emoticon to add to any creation. Add a sticker of customized shapes to make a flow chart. To delete a sticker, simply press and hold the thumbnail and tap the “x”. There is no limit to what you can do!


Create a username to share your stickerboards with other users. Working in groups allows group members to share and edit each other's stickerboards! Use this feature to easily collaborate.